Never use remote keyless to lock your car

When you stopped your car at the park or mall for shopping or picnic, after than you  found out your cell phone, laptop computer, GPS navigator ect  have gone. even your car still was locked. Why ? Some thieves are using a device to clone your security code when you lock your car doors using your key chain locking device.

1. Here is a article about “code grabbers”.
2. Here is another information about High-Tech Thieves and the Gadgets They use

So, this is important to be sure to manually lock your car door by hitting the lock button inside the car.

Protect yourself to buy a car from a licensed dealer

Are you planning to buy a car? Did you know all car dealers in Ontario must be licensed by the Ontario Motor Vehicle Industry Council (OMVIC) ? If you buy vehicles privately or if you buy from outside the province, Ontario consumers have no protection. OMVIC is responsible for regulating car dealers and protecting consumers. It can also help you resolve disputes.

For more information about OMVIC, visit OMVIC official site or call 1-800-943-6002

If you are taking the car  with someconditions, You should be take the time to read the contract carefully, You have to make sure you understand the purchase contract.

Do you have used tires want to drop?

In September 2009, the Province began a program called: Ontario Tire Stewardship. This program(free-of-charge to residents) allows businesses and other organizations to register as collectors, Transporters and Processors. The groups receive a financial incentive for their participation in the program.
For more information or a list of drop-off locations ,visit

Here are a few locations where old tires can be dropped:
1.Active Green and Ross/3505 Kennedy Road (Kennedy Road and Steeles Avenue East)
2.Midas Auto Service and Tires/2930 Finch Avenue (Victoria Park Avenue and Finch Avenue east)
3.Birchmount Collistion/4032 Finch Avenue East(Birchmount Road and Finch Avenue East)