Some Costco Food and Daily Use Items in Weekend at 2016 Feb 27

This weekend we visited local Costco store and collected some food and life items. We know other friends have posted Costco deals but we did not checked them one item by one item, here we post what we saw, hope you can get some deals that other people have not posted yet.

BTW: Some items were on sale from yesterday (Feb 25)

1: Organic Chicken Breasts $2 off per package. From Feb 26 ~ March 03

2: Chicken Breast Boneless Skinless $4 off per package Feb 26 ~ March 03

3: Boneless Skinless Thights $2 off per package Feb 26 ~ March 03

4: Baci Chocolate  $2 off

Note: NOT the open box one

5: Crest Complete Tooth paste with scope $2.50 off:

6: Cheese Heads Swirls Light $2 off

7: Skinnypop Popcorn $2 off

8: Hampton House Chicken Strips $3.80 off:

9: Barber Foods Cordon Swiss Chicken $3 off

10: Cheecha Puffs SeaSalt and Vinegar $2 off:


If you can not find items which you wanted or you do not want to go to store in person, you can search more items from Amazon Grocery & Gourmet food webpage.