Renew A Driver’s Licence Online in Ontario

In Canada, driver’s licence and health card are managed by province. When you receive a letter from Government which notices you renew your driver’s license or health card, you can either choose online way or choose offline way (go to government service office) due to different conditions.

If you have computer and internet, the online renewal for your cards is more convenient. Check the letter from government first, if you are NOT required to MUST go to government service office in person, you may be eligible to renew your driver’s licence online. You may consider to do renewal online. (But you still have to check Government’s website information since there are detail conditions information there.)

In our case, on the letter we see “Take this application to any serviceontario driver and vehicle licence issuing office OR mail with your Cheque/Money order payable to the minister of finance….”, so it looks like we can consider online way initially.

Again, you have to read online information carefully. Please make sure you be eligible to do renewal online (Here we copied information from Service Ontario web page in Feb 2018, please check information by yourself.)

You can renew your driver’s licence online if:

you don’t need a new photo  
you have a full licence (G,D,M class) that isn’t cancelled, suspended, or expired for more than 12 months
you have a combination class of G1M, G2M, GM1, GM2, DM1 or DM2 (only the full portion will be renewed online)
you haven’t updated your address within the last 90 days
you don’t need tests (vision, written, or road)
you’re not removing a vision condition
you have no new medical conditions that may prevent you from driving
you don’t have outstanding fines

You cannot renew an Enhanced Driver’s licence online. You must visit one of the designated offices 

You can renew your driver’s licence online as early as 180 days before the expiry date and up to 1 year after its expiry date.

Start to Renew Driver’s Licence Online in Ontario

After you confirm you can use online renewal way, do steps as following:

1: Click Renew your driver’s licence online button from this government page;

2: Click Order now button after you read and understood all information in online renewal window; You will have to pay $90 (The fees may vary if you are over 76 yeas of age, or the expiry date is NOT matched with the expiry date on your health card) with your credit card or Interac® Online.

3: Please follow government’s web page to fill in all related information, here is a screen shot below:


Note: you will have to input your current driver’s licence number, Also, the Trillium number! The 7-digit trillium number is printed on your current driver’s licence card (front side or back side)

There is a trillium number sample from government website:


4: Click Add to my order button after you finished all requested information;

5: You will see an order summary page,here you input your contact information, and confirm the notice, then you can click Check out button to continue;

6: Now you select a payment way: use credit card or Interac® Online, Click Pay now button, then input your payment information, such as credit card information. Then you will be access to a 3rd party payment handling website which is verified by the government to finish the transaction.

7: After the transaction is done and is successful, you will see the following screen shot, please click Download button to download the renewal confirmation file which is in pdf format. then check on 2 options and click Confirm and view receipt:


8: Now you see another page, which include your driver’s license renewal receipt such as order number and date, and order information etc. Here you can do confirmation file Download again, also you can send the receipt to an email which you input on this page and click send to email provided button.

You entire online driver’s licence renewal process is end by here. You can close the web page now. But, please read extra information (from the same page you just saw):


19. If you have not received a new Driver’s Licence in the mail by the date indicated in your Driver’s Licence renewal confirmation or 5 days before your Temporary Driver’s Licence expiry date, visit a ServiceOntario centre and you will be issued a Temporary Driver’s Licence if you are eligible. A fee may apply if you do not visit a ServiceOntario centre at least 5 days before your Temporary Driver’s Licence expires.