Canada Ontario Secondary Schools for International Visa Students

There are limited secondary schools are available for international visa students in Canada.

Here we collect some info from several popular regions in Ontario of Canada.

The following is the school list which receive international visa students in york region of Ontario Canada, the school admission time is Sep 2016.

Please note the school list is keeping updating due to school space availability.

1: Toronto District:

please check this link to read full information

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Christmas decoration

      Christmas is a magical time of the year, filled with a lot of sparkling lights, Christmas gifts and Christmas decorations. Put all of them together to create a wonderful holiday.

      During the holidays ,you have a chance to design your house with some decoration, or DIY decorate the interior and exterior of your  home, putting up tree decoration, hanging lights.

    It is Christmas time!

    Merry Christmas!







Where can you buy beer this year?

    If you only know to buy beer at LCBO? You are out!

    Starting today, Beer to be sold in select Ontario grocery stores by Christmas. It is very convenience to consumers.


    However, it is not all supermarkets are selling beer, also nor is selling all kids of beer. Currently, the provincial government approved 58 provinces, including 24 located GTA area.

   Please look at the following list, you know which supermarket is closing your home.

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Halloween is fun


Halloween is the perfect holiday , October 31 is the date on which Halloween is celebrated.

On this holiday, many people dress in scary costumes and tell scary stories,watch scary movies. Some schools have a Halloween party.

At night , children  often wear costumes and ask for treats door to door .

Safety is important on Halloween , especially if you are going trick-or-treat.

some safety tips for Halloween:

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2015 Statutory Holidays in Ontario

1. New Year’s Day :  (Frist day of year)   Wed, January 1

2. Family Day :  (Third Monday in February)  Mon, February 16

3. Good Friday :(Friday before Easter Sunday)  Fri, April 3

4. Easter  Monday : (Government employees only) Mon, April 6

5. Victoria Day: (Monday before May 25) Mon, May 18

6. Canada Day: Wed, July 1

7. Civic Holiday: (First Monday in August, not a official stat holiday) Mon, August3

8. Labor Day: (First Monday in September) Mon, September 7

9. Thankgiving Day: (Second Monday in October) Mon, October 12

10. Christmas Day: Fri, December 25

11. Boxing Day: Sat, December 26