Natural way to prevent your child colds and flu

    Did you know the child gets colds most often in the winter? Average Infants can get up to eight in a year, and preschool children average about five to seven cold each year.

    Here are the some recommended natural ways to prevent colds and flu:

1. Wash your hands frequently, it is very important for everyone, because viruses and bacteria are spread by everywhere, not just contact with people. like doorbell, doorknobs, tap, table and other surfaces.

2. Get enough of sleep, when people tired, it is too hard to fight off viruses and bacterial.

3. Get plenty of water, and  vitamin D and vitamin C.

4. Avoid people who have colds or the flu. If you get sick, stay home, rest and let your body heal. You’ll get better faster.

5. Eat rich fruits and vegetables, also eat colorful and health food.