How to make bath time fun for kids?

Some kids like to take bath, some kids don’t like to bath. My daughter is two years old, recently she is very scary to take bath, you know she very liked to take bath before. But recently, when I took my daughter to the bath tub, she was very scary,she screamed, cried loudly and said:”I dont want to take bath!”

I am really confused, I don’t know why, maybe I should not take her to the swimming pool when her brother took a swimming class, maybe she saw the deep water and felt scary?

Later I decided to change some ways, when it is bath time , I said to my daughter:” It is splash time! “, I splash water with her in the tub and I put some toys in the tub, and I told a story about clear rubbit to her.  I saw she was exiting then, and seems she forgot that she was in the bath tub. then I continue to do like that, now, my daughter is happy to take bath again now.

AS mother I know it isn’t easy task for kids with bathing and  hair washing, when dealing with these issues, trying our best to make bath time fun. I am so happy I did it!

There is some Bath Time Safety Tips, I wish these tips can help you!

1) Get a bathmat, the rubberized surface can help kids  to keep their footing on the slippery wet surface of the tub. 

2) Never leave a child under 6 alone in the bathtub.

3) Keep razors, shampoo, and other bath needs out of reach.

4)Never put your child in the bathtub while the water is still running; the water temperature could quickly change.

5)Always run the cold-water tap first when filling a bath, then mix in the warmer water to reduce the risk of scalds or burns.