Halloween is fun


Halloween is the perfect holiday , October 31 is the date on which Halloween is celebrated.

On this holiday, many people dress in scary costumes and tell scary stories,watch scary movies. Some schools have a Halloween party.

At night , children  often wear costumes and ask for treats door to door .

Safety is important on Halloween , especially if you are going trick-or-treat.

some safety tips for Halloween:

1. Dress for the weather

    On October 31 the temperatures can easily reach raining and snowing  in Canada.Many costumes are made of thin fabric , so for younger children , fuzzy costumes may be the best potion. 

2. Check for tripping hazards

    Check your child’s costume, like baggy pants

3. Plan the route ahead

4.Let your child stay visible

    Using flash lights and light up costume accessories to make sure your child is visible to traffic and passersby.

5. Don’t run , just walk!

    Child always is excited to make sure walking , no running. Safety is first.

6. Stay with your children

    Trick or treat with a group of other parents and children. A large group is more visible than a single child.

7. Check the candy

    Remove anything that could make your child’s allergies, Discard opened candy or anything looks dirty. As well as , Avoid homemade treats .

8. Don’t let your children eat too much candy!


Happy and safe Halloween !