GTA Costco 2016 Feb 22 Started Deals (Some)

The weekly Costco Store Deals were posted and shared by multiple customers on internet. So we double checked other share information first, then we want to post some items which other people did not posted (maybe). Actually this way is what we wanted because we do not have enough time to check and post all deals in Costco, but we could pick up some great deals.

The following is GTA Costco Store Deals Started from 2016 Feb 22

.1: Arcan Booster Cables 16 feet 6AWG  $12.97:

2: Kirkland AA Batteries 48 packs of 48 $11.59

We remember the original price should be $13.99 ?

3 This item is for Ladies only:

4: Home Trend 7pc Dinning table $674.88:

(Note: This item should be ymmv, you can not see this price is all Costco stores. I took the picture in Vaughan area)

There are also other 2 models of dinning table packages are on clearance, since other people have posted related photo online, so here we do not post them.

5: Pork Lion Centre & Rib Boneless $5 off:

6: Little Hotties Boots  Shoes Gloves Helmet Dryer $19.97: