Buy a $50 Amazon Gift Card and Get $10 Credit

(Updated on 2016 April 16: We received the $10 promotional code today ! Please read the updated details at the bottom of this post) Amazon Canada is providing a Gift Card promo deal: Buy a $50 Amazon Gift Card before April 30, 2016, you will get extra $10 as credit so that you can use it in your next purchasing.

We did not realized the promo deal until we got message from friends. Then we tried it at once.

The following is our purchase process:

How to Buy $50 Amazon Gift Card and Get $10 Credit ?

1: After we login in our account, we searched gift card and ended up with a “best seller”. It is an email delivery gift card, which means your friend will receive the credit card by Email.

Of course you can select any other gift card which is released by

Click Here to check Amazon Canada web page of all Amazon Canada’s gift cards.


2: You then have a chance to choose a theme which you like, and please make sure you choose the $50 as amount.


3: Click Continue and come the step which you can see the option which let you input promotional code, please input the code 0416GIFTCA and click Apply button (again, this promo code is available before 2016 April 30.).

If the code works correctly, you will see the message below the inputting box: You successfully applied the promotional code to the order:


Also, you can see related message on the same screen:

Important message
Congratulations. Your purchase qualifies you for an credit. A $10 promotional code will be automatically applied to your account and emailed to you within three (3) days after shipping.

So for the $10 credit (promotional code), you will receive in your own email within 3 days.

4: Click “Place your Order” button to submit the order. You will see a message indicates your order was submitted successfully.

What is the Next after You Purchased the Gift Card ?

What you need to do is just waiting after you ordered the $50 gift card.

Your friend should receive the $50 gift card in his/her email box right away after you ordered, or, the gift card will be sent at a time which you set when you ordered it.

For yourself, you will get $10 promotional code in your own email box within 3 days.

A> $50 gift card:

In your friend’s email box, the Amazon’s email includes the content which tell your friend how to redeem the gift card:

Redeeming your Gift Certificate

1. Visit
2. Enter the Claim Code and click Apply to Your Account.

Gift card funds are applied automatically to eligible orders during the checkout process. Your Claim Code may also be entered during checkout. To redeem your gift card using the 1-Click® service, first add the gift card funds to Your Account.

B> Your $10 credit (promotional code)

You will receive $10 promotional code within 3 days.

We will come back to update this blog after we received our $10 promotional code.


For our case, we received the $10 promotional code today (We ordered the gift card on April 14 night), So our waiting time was less than 2 days.

The following is the email was sent to us today:

Benefit Confirmation for your Order xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxxx

Thank you for purchasing from

Your recent order xxx-xxxxxxx-xxxxxx entitles you to a promotional credit which we have added to your account. This credit can be applied to your next qualifying purchase.

Promotion details:
Additional information on this offer can be found here.

Thank you for treating someone to an Gift Card. Now we’re treating you to a $10 promotional code automatically applied to your account, and good for eligible products sold by
The promotional credit must be used by June 15, 2016
. This offer is subject to Terms and Conditions.

Thanks again for shopping with us.

So we know the $10 credit has to be used before June 16, 2016.